School Readiness

Big Hopes Big Future (BHBF) is an evidence based school readiness programme that actively engages parents in their children’s early learning, supporting them to create a positive home learning environment for children.

BHBF uses trained parent volunteers to provide one-to-one support to families in home/group settings, supporting children in the years prior to nursery and primary school and targeting the most disadvantaged families including those who currently do not readily engage with their children’s early learning.

The BHBF programme focuses on the following areas:

Home readiness

  • Availability of stimulating materials in the home
  • Establishing routines

Parental readiness

  • Able to engage with their child’s development
  • Able to cope with their child being away from them
  • Able to access appropriate services from children’s centres, schools, nurseries and childcare professionals

Child readiness

  • Arrive at school fed and on time
  • Play and share with other children
  • Use the toilet and understand simple hygiene
  • Dress and put on shoes
  • Eat and drink unaided
  • Cope away from their parent(s)
  • Recognise own name


Aim One:

To help parents understand the benefits of early learning for their children, and to help them overcome their own barriers

Aim Two:

To encourage parents to create a positive home learning environment for their children

Aim Three:

To build parents confidence and ability to engage with local Children’s Centres, schools, nurseries and specialist support services (where appropriate)

If you are aware of a family who have children, due to start nursery or school, and who could benefit from this solution focused project, please contact us or complete a BHBF Referral Form.