Raising funds through Reading Half Marathon and the Green Park Challenge

Please support our superteam!


An amazing 40 people have come forward to run for us this year - 35 for Reading Half Marathon and five for the Green Park Challenge. We're hugely grateful to all of them!

Please help us make the most of this unprecedented fundraising opportunity by sponsoring some of them: 


Reading Half Marathon

Jorneal Appiah and Nathan

Karolina Boks

Andy Degiorgio

Vanja Eavery

Jeff Grant

Heather Hughes

Sam and Ellie Hughes

Justin Kerwin 
(Barclays will match all named donations)

Marion and Ella Mortimer

Laura Saunders

Scott Roberts

Michael Wayne

Darrel and Leanne Wilson

Damian Wong

Neil Woodroof
(Neil's employer will match all donations)

Choi Wan Yip

The Atrium Health Club (14 runners)

Green Park Challenge

Victoria, Joseph and James

Angela Heath and Heath Pierro

Bryony and Robin Franklin

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