Referring a family to us


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We help to give children the best possible start in life by

supporting parents as they grow in confidence, strengthen their bonds 

and widen their links with the local community


Do you know of a family with at least one child under five that is facing challenges, whether due to health issues, relationship difficulties, financial worries or a combination of factors? Or are you a parent in that situation yourself?

If you feel the family would benefit from a weekly visit from a dedicated volunteer, our friendly Family Group sessions or a Mums in Mind course, read on…

Who can refer families to Home-Start Reading?

Any professional who works with or comes into contact with a family can refer them to us.

If you're a parent with a child under five and feel you need some help but don't currently have a professional supporting you, you can refer yourself.

How to make a referral

Please download and complete our referral form, making sure to mark the relevant boxes for the types of support needed, then email it to us at

For further information, see our referrers' guide

Following up

If you have made a referral to us before and would like to follow up or let us know about any changes, please get in touch. 

You can either contact one of our Home-Visiting Co-ordinators – Marion ( / 07483 113681) or Julie ( / 07483 113679) – or call the office on 0118 956 0050.

Fill in the referral form to get started